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  1. I’m 45, and have suffered from chronic depression all my life. I am currently at a really low ebb, but am trying little by little to put myself up again. I’ve just read your page on depression, and just doing that has had a positive effect. I’ve bookmarked it, so I can read it whenever I feel negative . . . It has made such an impact on me.

  2. I read this article and was overwhelmed with hope . . . I will make a point to come back to this article anytime I feel weak or sad about life . . . This article is greatly appreciated and is empowering and will be a useful tool to my path for recovery.

  3. I am really struggling with life at the moment in all areas, and came across by chance. It is so refreshing to find a website that has good sound advice without constant adverts and no ulterior agenda of trying to sell me something at the end! I started on your page about depression and am working my way through the other pages that are relevant to me . . . I am in a very lonely place in my life at the moment, and your website really has offered me a light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Helpful. However, I’m at loss because I lost my dad. I barely saw him more than 3 times a year in the last 5 years. But his death has left me greatly disorganized. Please help.

  5. nothing here sounds new….so it doesnt change my suicidal tendencies, plus there’s no way to click to actually reach out fot help from anyone.
    None the less it was a good read.

  6. Hi there, first all, everyone has got one talent or the other which is very unique to every individual and talents are however something you enjoy doing, more like something you are passionate about.

    You will find it, I am positive about that.

  7. Depression is chronic and persist over a long period of time.
    Curing depression is extremely expensive if not impossible. The end-stage depression is suicidal ideations. Suicide is not planned in a day. It is depression in it’s final stage. Why not address depression before it gets to the stage of suicidal ideations.
    The fortunate thing is depression could be MANAGED either by medications or and psychotherapy. How long is the medication going to last? After the medication effect has wade off, the triggers of depression still exist. Psychotherapy will address these triggers… It’s a matter of talking about these triggers (problems leading to deppresive episodes). Why not seek professional help… It’s the psychologist responsibility to address depression before it gets to it’s end-stage (suicide)
    Look out for symptoms of suicide: an outright change in the person’s personality (mood, interest, withdrawal etc

  8. This is true. People would rather take individual with mental issues to churches or mosques or herbalist. That’s for the families thinking the only help is to sort religious help.

    For the educated ones, they dump them at the psychiatric wards not minding the cost. They just don’t want them back home.

    Lets end the stigmatization. We need to educate people. Someone with Cancer gets support, mental health is paramount!

  9. Good day, I really need to meet with a hypnotherapist urgently. I have been suffering from crippling fear and lack of emotional control for the past 29 years.
    Let me know how and where I can meet you.

    • Hello Simon, we apologize, we do not have a hypnotherapist. We can however provide you psychotherapy if you would not mind.

      Kindly use the book appointment widget on the website for assessment if you’re in Lagos please.

      Warm Regards.

    • Hello Ifunaya, we apologize, we do not offer hypnotherapy services. We can however provide you psychotherapy if you would not mind.

      Kindly use the appointment schedule page on the website to book an appointment for assessment and psychotherapy session(s).

      Warm Regards.

  10. Obayori Bamidele Samuel

    What an eye opener that sadness, stress, guilt can all cause illness.

    Thanks for this eye opening piece

  11. This is beautiful.
    As a young lady suffering from BPD and ADHD this touched me on so many levels. I will not be defined by my mental challenges!

  12. All through, the writeup read like you were writing a biography about me. Just a slight difference in the cause, but all the symptoms are exact same. I hit this web address while seeking help via google. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh why! I’d always suspected that my depression was caused by the physical changes in my body. This was really an eye-opener for me. Weldone!

  14. I can relate with this , being attracted to emotionally unavailable men, the trauma from childhood neglect etc. thanks for sharing

  15. I cant access these. Its asking to create an account or login to be able to which I already created an account but I still can’t access it. Any help?