This is why you sometimes feel anxious

Ever wondered what anxiety truly is?
Why would you for example feel very anxious in some social situations?
Why does your heart beat so fast when you are about to do a presentation?

In simple words anxiety is just an internal conflict taking place inside your mind. Let’s suppose that you just arrived to a new place where you will have to talk to strangers. In such a case a part of you might think that you have the needed skills to do the task while another part might think that there is a problem with you.

If for example you believed that you are so skinny then the part that holds that belief will make you feel anxious around others. While it might seem like there is no logical reasons for feeling anxious that part would be active and would send you a message telling you that there is something wrong with you.

It’s that internal conflict that leads to the emotions you experience around others and in certain social situations.

Understanding internal conflicts

Each person has many beliefs about himself, his abilities and his looks. Now if one or more of these beliefs are problematic then they can result in an internal conflict the next time the person faces an important situation.

You might wonder why you sometimes feel anxious while in other times you don’t and the simple answer is that based on whether those beliefs can affect that situation you are facing or not you might or might not feel bad.

In other words if you are in a place where you think that your looks are not that important then any false belief about your looks will hardly make you anxious. Yes you can still feel anxious for other reasons but that specific reason will hardly affect you.

Now if you tried to talk to someone you like then definitely any problematic beliefs about your looks will result in an internal conflict and so in anxiety.

While a part of you will be telling you that you can run good conversations another part will be telling you that you don’t look that good.

How to end anxiety

Just as you may have already guessed the road to ending such internal conflicts is to understand them. Most people know about their flaws but they just put them behind their backs and as a result they find themselves feeling anxious without knowing the reason.

When you make the conscious decision to forget about a problem, such as your weight problem for example, then this problem will be carried to the back of your mind. While you might think that the problem is now solved still it will come back in the form of anxiety that seems to have no reason.

So the first step to ending anxiety is embracing those flaws including the ones you have been trying to hide for years. As soon as you find those flaws you should then work on reaching a final resolution that would allow you to feel comfortable and self satisfied.

As soon as this internal conflict is resolved it will never bother you again and your anxiety in the situations that were affected by that conflict will disappear.