Everyone knows that illness could cause sadness but do you know that sadness can cause illness? It was found that is there is a strong connection between physical and emotional pain. These thoughts that appear in your mind can change your mood and this in turn could damage your physical body!

While there are other reasons that cause illness still emotional problems constitute the lion’s share of the causes of illnesses. Want to see how this connection works? Then read further.

Physical Pain and Emotions

Emotions are nothing more than a physical change that happens to your body. This fear you are experiencing and this depression you are suffering from could be nothing more than the contraction of some muscles or any other physical change that happened in your body.

Some researches even stated that you can’t feel afraid if your muscles were relaxed!! So we experience different emotions as a result of physical changes in our bodies. If you ate much you may feel bad because of the excessive activities that are taking place inside your stomach and if you woke up with a stomach ache you may end up feeling sad or irritated.

From these facts we can conclude that some unwanted emotions could visit you just because of changes that happen to your physical body.

Conflict between Your Conscious and subconscious mind

What if you were in need of a vacation but you kept working hard? Do you know that in some cases your subconscious mind could interfere and make you ill just to force you to rest?

Your subconscious mind doesn’t follow logic that’s why preventing you from working even by making you ill is still an acceptable choice for it.

If you want to keep working hard or studying for long nights then make sure you are doing it while being satisfied else your subconscious mind may work against you.

Guilt and Illness

Your subconscious mind can even make you ill in order to punish you. If you felt guilty or if you have done something bad and regretted doing it then your subconscious mind can make you ill in order to make you pay for your sins!!

So make sure that you forgive yourself if you have done a mistake in order to let your subconscious mind forgive you and so prevent a possible illness.

Feeling tired

Have you ever been so tired then jumped out of your bed full of energy when you knew that there is a party today and that you are invited?

Your subconscious mind can make you feel tired when you are doing a boring or an unwanted activity and on the other hand it can energize you when you are about to do something that you like.

In order to avoid these conflicts with your subconscious mind make sure to write down your goals so that you convince your subconscious mind that these boring tasks are required in order to achieve your goals.