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Self-Esteem Self Talk

Audio rational thinking exercise focused on improving self-esteem and reducing negative self-evaluation  by changing self-talk.

This may be used while sitting or lying down in a quiet, comfortable place.  Just close your eyes and listen without trying to force yourself to relax.  If your mind wanders, gently bring yourself back to focus on the words.

This exercise is best the more fully relaxed you are.  If you are unable to relax completely, listen to the relaxation exercises such as the meadow or mountain cabin until you are more skilled with relaxation.

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  • PsychNG Services
    2020-07-31 07:55:59
    Thank you for bringing this to our notice. This has been rectified. You can now access the lesson.
  • Luwa
    2020-07-31 07:42:37
    I cant access these. Its asking to create an account or login to be able to which I already created an account but I still can’t access it. Any help?