Muscle Scan


This audio is a quick two minute muscle scan to help you be aware of where you are feeling muscle tension. As you become aware of tension, you can then focus on letting those muscles relax. Too often when people are feeling muscle tension they don’t take the time to be aware of their experience so the tension is not addressed.

You can use this exercise throughout your day to relieve your muscle tension. The more you use it, the more bodily awareness you will develop and will more naturally relax your muscles.


This exercise is a quick muscles scan to help you be aware of the muscles of your body and through that awareness, to focus on allowing those muscles to relax.

Start with your feet. If you notice any tension in your feet, just let those muscles relax.

Continue with your legs. Allow yourself to be aware of the muscles in your legs and let those muscles relax.

Focus on the central part of your body, particularly your lower back. If you notice any tension, allow those muscles to relax. Now, focus on your upper back and your shoulders. Notice any tension you feel in those muscles and let them relax.

Focus on the muscles in your arms and let go of any tension in your arms or your hands. Now, notice the muscles in your neck and focus on allowing those muscles to relax.

And finally, notice any facial tension and let all the muscles in your face completely relax.

The more you do this exercise, the more quickly you will become aware of muscle tension and be able to relax those muscles more immediately.

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