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Tense and Release


This audio is a very quick muscle relief exercise. All you do is tense all your muscles until they are very tight and then suddenly just release all the tension with a sigh. Then allow yourself to feel the relaxation flowing into your body and relaxing your muscles.

You can use this exercise throughout your day to relieve your muscle tension.


The following exercise is a quick tense and release exercise when you are feeling muscle tension. It can be used throughout the day whenever you are feeling tension.

Tighten all the muscles in your body as tight as you can. Make a fist, raise your shoulders tight around your ears, furrow your forehead, and curl your toes, until all the muscles in your body are very tense and tight.

Then, with a sudden sigh, “ahhhhhhhhh”, allow every muscle in your body to go completely limp and relaxed.

You may repeat this as necessary.

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