This audio is a quick two minute stretching exercise to increase blood flow throughout your body. As the blood flow increases you will experience tension release in the muscles and overall body relaxation.

You can use this exercise throughout your day to increase your relaxation and reduce the effects of stress on your body.


This simple stretching exercise helps you to feel more refreshed and focused.

While you are standing or sitting, interlace your fingers together and stretch your arms over your head with your palms facing the ceiling or sky.

As you do this exhale slowly and bring your arms back down to a comfortable position and let your shoulders droop.

Let your chin come down and rest on your chest for a moment.

Then bring your head up and look forward. Slowly turn your head to look in one direction for a moment. Then slowly turn your head to look in the other direction for a moment.

Finally, look forward again and take a slow, deep breath and relax your body.

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